01 Nov You Can’t Because You Don’t Deserve It – Really?


Imagine you’re standing in line at a store and the person in front of you turns and says something like, “You can’t buy that because you don’t deserve it.”

After we got over the shock of the moment, most of us would be ignore the rude comment and buy the item.  It would be easy for us to walk away from that situation and ignore the negative comments because it was a stranger, but…

Most of the time we are the ones
being negative to ourselves!

Most of us have thought about something that we want in our lives and thought “It would be nice, but I can’t because…” ( insert whatever excuse you want).  For most people, the thought gets dismissed as something that only happens for lucky or rich people.

Even worse, some of us have even given up on thinking about things we want because we believe that our current circumstances will always be our future.

Would you let a stranger talk to you that way?

When did it become ok to talk to ourselves that way?  The most important conversation we can have each day (besides your spiritual beliefs) is the one that we have inside our minds and hearts.  The good news is that we actually have the ability to control those conversations and make sure they help us!

 Maybe you’re thinking something like…

“I’ve tried before and it didn’t work!”

What would happen if we gave up that easy when we first learned to walk or talk?  We’d all be in a lot of trouble.  Somewhere in the process of living we’ve allowed 2 “F-Bombs” –

have become more powerful than

As you’re reading this, I hope that you’re thinking about something that you want to achieve in your life.   Perhaps you are thinking you’d like to do something different in one of these things?

  • Career
  • Family
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Friends

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% confident in achieving the result you want…YET

Our goal is to start with believing that it’s POSSIBLE to improve at least 1 specific area in your life.  Next, ask yourself the following question

The Next Step Is Simple!

All you have to do is start with the belief that your dreams are possible – even if they seem distant right now.  If you said, “yes” – congratulations and the next step is really simple!  If you said no or are still thinking you can’t – remember that all we have to do is believe it is POSSIBLE.   I specialize in helping people to take small, consistent steps to making their dreams a reality and…

Check Out This Short Video

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Inside the 3 minute video, I will share exactly how I can help you start to take measurable and consistent steps towards making your dreams a reality.   If you found value from what I’ve shared here today, please share leave me a comment and also share on Facebook (or your favorite social media).

 It all starts with your beliefs!

(Keep getting the same results or do something different and get different results)