You already have the “Slight Edge” in your life!

25 Sep You already have the “Slight Edge” in your life!

The “Slight Edge” is the  title of a book by Jeff Olson  and the other “Slight Edge” that every person possesses. The book reminds of those pictures with all the lines that people look at, but can’t see the image – BUT SUDDENLY THE  3-D IMAGE  APPEARS.   For me, I think I always knew I had the “Slight Edge“, but I guess I really didn’t see it clearly or understand it.  Now, I find that with every choice I make – I am aware that I am either using the “Slight Edge” to my advantage or it is working against me.

What is the “Slight Edge”?

 The answer is simple – it is knowledge and small actions repeated over time that create BIG RESULTS!

Slight Edge

Does everyone really have a “Slight Edge”?

ABSOLUTELY!   Once you read the book,  I know you will say, “I had the Slight Edge” all the time, but I didn’t know it.”   Most people want to minimize their decisions and say that things aren’t working just because they don’t see massive results right away.  The power of the “Slight Edge” comes when you realize that there is no “magic formula” that every person can do to be successful.   There are things that successful people have in common and one thing they all have in common is that they understand the “Slight Edge”.

How is the “Slight Edge” part of every decision you make?

The “Slight Edge” is a part of every decision you make.  You can use the “Slight Edge” to work for you every time you go to the gym, eat healthy, learn something new, read, spend time with people, …etc.   THE SLIGHT EDGE IS A PART OF EVERY CHOICE YOU MAKE.   For example, if I chose to waste $1 per day on something I didn’t need for the next year – I would have obvioulsy have wasted $365.  Now, when you look at it – I have a choice to waste it (because I didn’t need it) or I could have saved it and I would have saved over $350.   How many of us could would like to have $350 extra dollars each year?    $350 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but what if we took that money and invested it and were able to make $700?  Then, what if we added more that we had saved and invested that to the $700 – start to see my point?  None of those investments would have been possible if we didn’t see the benefit and make the choice to use the “Slight Edge” to our advantage.

Think about other aspects of our lives.  How many of us waste our time, money, and resources – when by making a few simple choices – WE COULD HAVE THE SLIGHT EDGE WORKING FOR US?   Think about all the time we all waste during different stages of our lives-  like the countless hours we all spend in front of the TV.   How different would our lives be if we made a choice to read 10 pages a day about something to improve our professional or personal lives – WE WOULD CLEARLY SEE THE SLIGHT EDGE WORKING FOR US!   The “Slight Edge” also works for or against you when it comes to your career, your finances, and your relationships.   Remember, there is no way around it  – you will either have the “Slight Edge” working for or against you!