What Is A Telomere And Why Does It Matter To All Of Us?

28 Apr What Is A Telomere And Why Does It Matter To All Of Us?

Most of us have never even heard of a telomere before, but it plays an important role in all of our lives.   Have you or someone you know, noticed that as you grow older you have experienced hair loss, more grey hair, memory loss, joint pain, fatigue, wrinkles, or general discomfort?   These signs of aging are directly connected to the decreasing length of your telomeres as you increase in age.    Telomeres play a critical role in all our lives and our health…  

What Exactly Is A Telomere?

A telomere is found at the end of each chromosome.  A world-recognized scientist and researcher, Dr. William Andrews, explains that a telomere is “…a long genetic sequence of DNA found at the end of each chromosome…”   As we age and our cells divide, our telomeres shorten and produce incomplete copies our our DNA codes.   In this DNA replication process, our cells become imperfect copies of previous cells, which leads to our eventual aging and death.   Now that you understand what a telomereis and why they matter, it should be clear how critically important it is  for all of us to support our bodies in healthy telomere and cell production.

Telomere Research Won The 2009 Nobel Prize!

That’s right – the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology.  Dr. William Andrews of the Sierra Research Center has been leading the world in this key research area and has teamed up with John Anderson (leading nutritionist) with Isagenix.

What powerful and exciting information!   By now, I hope it is clear that telomeres play an important role on your daily life and your future.  Thankfully, Dr. Andrews and John Anderson have teamed up to create Product B, which is a proven product that supports healthy telomere growth.   It is important to note, that Product B is intended to be used in addition to taking vitamins, minerals, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

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Remember, science has proven that telomere health is one of the keys to aging, so take steps to support healthy telomeres in your body.


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