“The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself”.

26 Sep “The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself”.

How powerful is fear?

In 1932, President FDR gave one of his most famous speeches and talked about fear.  Most of us have heard what heard this famous speech, but how many if us have taken the time to really listen and reflect on the power of those statements?  Think about this statement – “The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself”. 



We all understand the words, but how many of understand how fear effects our life?

I would say many of us do not really understand this concept.   Remember when were kids and all our dreams were possible?  What an exciting time that was and in the back of our heads we had no limitiations and we open to possibility!  As we grew older and became comfortable with other people telling us what we can’t do, fear of failure and of success started to become “ok”.  

That is a very unfortunate aspect of our culture.  Think of all the things in our life that we take for granted like light bulbs, cars, and computers?  What if Henry Ford would have trusted the experts…. and trusted the “experts” who said building a V-8 engine was impossible?  What if  Thomas Edison would have let the fear of ridicule stop him on the path to designing the first lightbulb?  What if Bill Gates  or Steve Jobs would have let the fear of failing stop them from creating somputers and businesses that have changed the world?  Starting to get my point – FEAR can prevent people from doing things or can motivate people to new heights!

Fear can work for or against you!

That’s right – you can let fear stop you or you can use it to propel you to new heights.   For example, Michael Jordan wasn’t afraid of missing the “big shot” because he had erased the fear by practice and using his mind to rehearse making the “big shot“.    This is just one example of success, but you know of many more important and successful people like Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks – Think of how different our worl would be if these people had let fear of the consequences for their bravery to overwhelm them – how different would our world be today?


I want to be clear because my message is not encouraging people to be reckless and take unnecessary chance.  Rather, I am suggesting that you do not close the door to possobility before you even consider the options.  When you are faced with an opportunity, look at all the options NOT just the reasons why something can’t or won’t work.  Do not let fear of failure stand in the path of your success and make success your only option!