“Rocky” teaches a lesson on courage!

30 Aug “Rocky” teaches a lesson on courage!

Courage is about how many times you get back up!

Like many people do, I enjoy the “Rocky” movie series.   In the most recent Rocky film, he talks with his son about courage.  He points out how important it is to get back up when life knocks you down – no excuses.    Think about how great our lives would be if we had the courage to become “unstoppable”.   If you can find the strength and courage to “get up” when things het tough, you will be successful… in whatever you do.  

 A positive attitude is key keeping and maintaining the courage to “get up”?

If you find that it is difficult to pull yourself out of the negativity that can surround us in life, you can improve that by some of the choices you make.  In life, you often find what you are looking for, which means if you want things to be positive – things will look more positive.   Does that mean negative things won’t happen to you?  NO, but it does mean that you will handle the negative things with a positive attitude and develop the strength and courage to “get up” when life knocks you down.  As I work to improve myself and grow professionally and personally, I find that the biggest struggle is the mental side of business. 

Work to recognize your challenges and have the courage to face them! 


How do you handle the disappointments of being “hung up on”, treated rudely, get frustrated at your job, or don’t make some sales you need?   Will you quit, get angry, or blame others (your boss, co-workers, or businesses?   Some people do and the problem never gets better because the “secret” is – you have to be better!   If you surround yourself with positive people and work at maintaing your positive outlook, you will find all the courage you need to keep going!   Please visit my post on positive thinking – http://tomspudic.com/a-positive-attitude-is-the-key-to-success/ there is some great information that hopefully will help you.   Take an inventory of your close friends and family – then decide how many of them are encouraging your success.  Hoepfully, you will find that many do and for the ones that may not be doing that right now – Ask them for their support in helping you succeed.   That does not mean that you can blame others for any lack of success you may have, but it does mean that your asking for support.   Also, one of the best books that I have found to help increase your mental strength is “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar.   There are many great books out there, but this is one of the best I have read so far.   If you want a daily workout for you mind, get this book and read a few pages each day.   Courage, strength, and confidence come from successful “practice”.   You have a choice to practice the right thinking each day!  This is powerful question for you to answer – How many times will you get up?