When dreams were possible!

06 Sep When dreams were possible!

For most of us, dreams are the things that keep us going.  We have fond memories of being a child and dreaming about what we would be when we grew up.   Whether it was a superhero. doctor, a vetenarian, a nurse, a policeman or woman, an astronaut, or to do what our childhood heroes (our parents) did for a living.   Can you remember those daydreams?   Now, do you remember thinking, “I want to do those things, but I can’t because…”   Of course not…


Everything was possible and we could achieve any dream!

What happened?  Obviously, we grew up, learned more, and as we matured, but we also learned something very hurtful.   We learned to doubt ourselves and be afraid of reaching for our dreams because “We might fail”.

Is the fear of failing more powerful than reaching your dreams?

WOW – I hope that hits home for you.  Think about this, nobody wants to “fail”, but you will never reach your dreams if you don’t start on the journey.  Most people are afraid of the unknown, but when they use a little logic – things are placed in the proper perspective.   If things are already hard, what do you have to lose by trying something different?  In the worst case scenario, you end up back where you already are, but what if you succeed?  

I encounter many people who talk about needing a job, needing more money, or needing a new career.   When I talk with them about some of their options, I somtimes hear the “What if…” objections, which only come as a result of being lead by fear.

Amazingly, I have never heard people say “What if I make it big and reach my dreams?”  No, I have heard, “What if I fail or what if I don’t make big money?”   I understand fear, but I will not let fear of failure stand in the way of my success.   What will you do?

Recently, I wrote a blog post about Success and positive attitude and it has a “firery success story” that will stick with you.

Let me be clear, I am a realistic person and realize that people need to pay their bills, but I also know that the best days of my life are ahead of me because I made the choice to reach for my dreams!  The fact that you are till reading this article should tell you that you do want something more out of your life.  YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU WORK FOR IT!

5 Key Steps To Start Reaching For Your Dreams Right Now!

1.  Make a choice to move forward and start reaching for your dreams.  

2.  Write down your goals and do something to move towards them everyday.

3.  Understand that this is not an “overnight change” and it take work, but THE REWARDS ARE WORTH IT!

4.  Find someone who has acheived some of things you are after and connect with that person.  Ask questions and find ways to learn from them.

5.  Take action now!

I am here to help you acheive your goals and reach your dreams.  I absolutely do not have all the answers, but I do live life with passion, excitement, and know how to find and connect with people who do.   I made my choice to “burn the ship to my past” (reference to the story in the link I placed above in this blog) and I can help you do the same.   My contact information is on the bottom of every page in my blog and you can also sign up to receive my newsletter by filling out the form on the top right side of the page!  Again, you must ask yourself “Are my dreams worth it?” and then reach out and start moving towards them!