Dreams And Setting Goals!

21 Feb Dreams And Setting Goals!

Can you think of a time in your life when you wanted to accomplish something, but haven’t been able to get the result you wanted yet?  When setting goals, it is important to remember that the amount of effort needed is directly connected to the size the of the goal.   Makes sense right?  Let me explain why this concept is so important.  Recently, I was reading a book called “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris.  As I was reading, I came across this quote:

Setting Goals and The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

“If your potential payoff is mediocre or average,

so is your effort.”


When I read this, it just made sense!  If I were to set a goal of making $1 with my business, how much effort am I really going to need in order to make that happen?  Not much!!!  On the flip side, if I set a goal to make $10,000 per month with my business then my body, mind,  and spirit are immediately elevated because that goal requires much more effort.  This is the essence of the point made by Timothy Ferris, but how do we use this knowledge to produce results?

Setting Goals Or Planning For Results?

Since starting my businesses a few years ago, I have taken courses, read books, and watched videos on success.  Most of them talk about setting goals, but Mike Dillard’s – Magnetic Sponsoring, was different!   Instead of setting goals, Mike talks about focusing on the desired results.   After thinking about that a little more, I wanted to develop a system that did more than just help people with setting goals.   I have developed a  7 step P.R.O. system as a result of things I have learned from people like Ray Higdon and Anthony Robbins and this system is focused on Producing Results Often!

Inside the P.R.O. System, I share (and explain) the steps that are necessary to understanding why we make the choices we do, how to break our negative patterns, and a system to produce results daily.

One of the best parts about the P.R.O. System is that it requires a person to “Dream Big” when developing results, so your mind, body, and spirit will supply the effort needed to produce results!   Unfortunately, all the dreams in the world will not produce results without taking action, so I also developed the “P.R.O. System Scorecard”.  The “scorecard” will allow you to track your overall results and progress each day and for the month.   Now that I have explained the basics of this powerful system, the next step is to get started using it in at least 1 aspect of your life.

Remember, the focus is not about setting goals, but rather about getting the results!

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