11 Apr Work From Home With Fuel Direct!

So many people want to work from home and are today!  Imagine being home for dinner with your family, spending more time with people you care about, and doing what you love.  I used to work over 100 hour weeks, but now I choose my schedule!  With Fuel Direct, you can work from home and experience the personal and financial freedom that you have always dreamed about.
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09 Apr So You’ve Read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” And What Is The Next Step?

Great job - you've read some books by Robert Kiyosaki!  The "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book series are some of the most influential books that I have read in my life!  As you know, there is a massive difference between the left side and the right side of the cash-flow quadrant and owning a business is a critical step!  Prior to reading Kiyosaki's books, I had already joined my business - FuelDirect.   After reading the books, I was even more confident that I was heading down the right path to financial freedom. Have you taken steps to start building your asset column?  As you know, building a business is one of the 2 main ways to create passive income and build true financial freedom.  You read Kiyosaki's books for a reason and you want that financial freedom.  The next step is...
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06 Mar How Is FuelDirect Connected To Tom Spudic And Robert Kiyosaki?

FuelDirect Is Touching Many Lives!

An important part of FuelDirect is forming connections and relationships.  Sometimes relationships are formed by people connecting with other people and a "domino effect" happens!  Surely,  you know who Robert Kiyosaki is right?  If you do, it is likely that he has helped you financially and you will easily identify with this post. If not, this is going to be an experience that will hopefully result in increasing your financial knowledge for the better!
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20 Feb A late night printer problem, a dream house, and a challenge for you!

How many of you have ever heard of a "dream board"?  I was listening to some training done by Todd Falcone and he talked about making a "Dream Board", which is some type of poster or pegboard that has pictures of everything you desire in life and that will inspire you each day as you work.  That's right - this is your time to DREAM BIG!  I would able to look for the best house I could find and price was not an issue.  I planned to look at other things I wanted like
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