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27 Sep Why people should not panic over the price of silver!

Why did silver and gold prices drop?



In the past week, the world was reminded again of the consequences of poor economic policies because of the ramifications of what is going on with Greece and the Euro.  This past week, people were frightened by the possibility of Greece defaulting on it's debt, so they panicked and went away from the Euro.  In this situation, the dollar (even though previously criticized by the same investors who purchased the gold and silver to "hedge" against the dollar) appeared to be the "best of the worst" option.   Well, when the dust settled and the European nations intervened with the Euro - amazingly people started dumping the dollar and went back to gold and silver.   It is amazing to me how people ignore the fundamentals of what is going on...

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23 Sep Why silver is a great investment opportunity!

Silver is your opportunity to make money today!



 America is the land of opportunity and investing in silver is another one of those great opportunities.  When you think about your money, is the paper the real value or is the faith that the government is backing the "paper"?   Obviously, the government backing gives value to the paper, but what is backing the government when they are printing more paper?  

 The answer is simple - GOLD AND SILVER! 

Unfortunately, the government is printing money without backing it with gold and silver, so the value of the dollar goes down - which has many contributing factors.   You shouldn't take my opinion as fact - use your own judgement by looking at the world around you.  For example, take the government's own inflation estimates at 3-6%.   Think about the cost of a pop, candy bar, or bag of chips - HOW MUCH HAVE THEY GONE UP?   Then, think about gas prices and how much more it costs you to drive to the same job.   Does it seem like they are up 6%?  Not in my markets and I know you experience the same cost increases.  Also, if the stock markets are going down and you are paying more just to "live", how do you ever get ahead?   These are all real world examples of why people need to invest in silver.   Watch this important video...
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11 Sep Live Above Your Means!

Would You Like To Live Above Your Means?


 Robert Kiyosaki - Best Selling Author, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Financial Educator



"Live Above Your Means" - Does Not Mean To Be Greedy!  

 I want to be clear that I am not saying that people should be reckless or greedy.  Rather, I am saying that there is nothing wrong with wanting to experience new things or buy something you would enjoy for yourself or people you care about.  There are many ways a person can be "rich" or "poor", so I am only speaking about being "poor" in the monitary sense.   With that being said, there is a definite way of thinking that traps people into being "poor".   What I love about this video and way of thinking is that it is empowering and full or responsibility.    Now, I think about all the things I want to do as a I "live" my life and embrace the challenge of living above my means.

 Live above your means!   That word "live" is important because there are so many things that I want to do in my life, but I was taught to "Live below my means".   Life is so great and we are blessed to live...

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06 Sep When dreams were possible!

For most of us, dreams are the things that keep us going.  We have fond memories of being a child and dreaming about what we would be when we grew up.   Whether it was a superhero. doctor, a vetenarian, a nurse, a policeman or woman, an astronaut, or to do what our childhood heroes (our parents) did for a living.   Can you remember those daydreams?   Now, do you remember thinking, "I want to do those things, but I can't because..."   Of course not...
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26 Aug A Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success!

Having the right attitude is key to reaching your goals.   In a Harvard study, researchers found that 85% of our successes are determined by a person's attitude and only 15% was determined by the person's technical skills.   Think about how key that is and what an exciting and empowering point!  With those percentages being true, then I can easily control 85% of my success.  If you were to take a "gamble" on anything positive and the odds-makers offered 85% chance of success - we would all feel very optimistic about our chances for success.  With this equation, we know that we can achieve success by working on a having a positive attitude.

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