A Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success!

26 Aug A Positive Attitude Is The Key To Success!

Having the right attitude is key to reaching your goals.   In a Harvard study, researchers found that 85% of our successes are determined by a person’s attitude and only 15% was determined by the person’s technical skills.   Think about how key that is and what an exciting and empowering point!  With those percentages being true, then I can easily control 85% of my success.  If you were to take a “gamble” on anything positive and the odds-makers offered 85% chance of success – we would all feel very optimistic about our chances for success.  With this equation, we know that we can achieve success by working on a having a positive attitude.

A positive attitude makes a difference!



Here’s proof of the power of a positive attitude!

Here is another example of the power of a positive attitude from the book “See You At The Top” (Zig Ziglar).  “Major Nesmeth was a weekend golfer, who generally shot in the 90’s.  Then, he completely quit for 7 years.  Amazingly enough, the next time out on the course he shot a sparkling 74.  During his 7 year sabbatical, he took no golf lessons and his physical condition actually deteriorated.  As a matter of fact, he spent those 7 years in a small cell approximately four and one-half feet tall slightly over five feet long.   He was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam”  In order to maintain his sanity, he played golf in his mind and imagined every detail of the course – the smells, sounds, grass, etc.  He imagined every swing and shot.   This is a great example of the power that having a positive attitude can have in your life!

 How would your life change if you practiced a positive attitude?

When I read things like the story above, I think about how amazing the “human spirit” is and I am filled with a sense of hope for my future and the future of those around me.   I think abot how my life has changed since starting to “work out” my attitude and working to maintain a positive attitude – please visit my link to another blog post http://tomspudic.com/hello-world/.   Some people will say things like, “A positive attitude doesn’t make things all better in your life or fix all your problems”.  I think that is true, but I also know this to be true – “…you should build a solid attitude foundation, so when “things” are good – your attitude is good.  When things are bad, your attitude is good – (Allan Bellamy)”  

Think about the “bad things” in your life and use some logic.   The “bad things” upset you, so you are already unhappy about them.   Having a poor attitude just makes you focus on the “bad things” in a negative way, which makes you feel even worse.   If you take time to look at the positive things you have around then you will find them.   Remember, YOU FIND WHAT YOU ARE FOCUSING ON.   Most people have family (husbands, wives, children, parents, siblings, etc) and friends that they are thankful for, but how many people really are grateful and appreciate them?   When things are hard, take a look at the great people you have in your life and be thankful.  The one constant in life is CHANGE, so that alone should be uplifting because no matter what you do – change happens – even when things are really down.   On a positive note, you GET to decide if you want that change to be positive or negative.  

Thankfully, people inherently want to be happy, but they get stuck in a rut of negative thinking and habits.  What a person has to be careful for is that the negative feelings and thought don’t become “safe or OK” for us.   We can’t accept that for ourselves or for those around us.  When that happens, we accept being down and sad, which is only living half of our potential.   “Bad things” or problems are a part of life, but you have a chance to use your mind (with a positive attitude) to turn those negatives into something positive.   My goal is to live my life to the fullest and look forward to each day.  I hope that you will do the same because you will be happy and the people around you will be positively affected by your attitude.   You are great and you impact everyone around – make sure you work on your positive attitude, so you and the people you care about will benefit.