A late night printer problem, a dream house, and a challenge for you!

20 Feb A late night printer problem, a dream house, and a challenge for you!

How many of you have ever heard of a “dream board”?  I was listening to some training done by Todd Falcone and he talked about making a “Dream Board”, which is some type of poster or pegboard that has pictures of everything you desire in life and that will inspire you each day as you work.  That’s right – this is your time to DREAM BIG!  I would able to look for the best house I could find and price was not an issue.  I planned to look at other things I wanted like snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, horses, jet skis, vacation spots – all while picturing how it would feel to accomplish earning those things.

How could I let a printer problem was stop me from making it? I couldn’t,so I went to work on fixing that issue. Last night, I was up late working on that problem and while I was waiting on software to load I decided to look at “dream houses”. What I found was incredible and I am not talking about the houses (which were amazing).

What I found was that a “fun” activity was actually kind of confrontational. I had always dreamed about owning a farm with horse pastures, hunting land around it, and that would be located on a lake. I found some that were perfect, but for the 1.3 MILLION DOLLAR price tag! For the first time since starting my business, I had put a picture and a price to my dreams – they were now tangible and was surprised.  I found myself questioning whether or not I could ever afford these things?  Follow me here, I was looking at my dreams and being cynical in my own dreams.


I quickly took back control over my conscious thoughts and refocused.   Fear was no longer an option and I had to create a plan to obtain the things I was dreaming about.  I have been listening to some CD workshops with Anthony Robbins, which have helped me to develop some specific goals and actions!  Now, I have specific dreams, have details and pictures to motivate me, and have specific and detailed plans to earn them!   Things are going in the right directions, which brings me to my next point!

My Challenge For You – Create Your “Dream Board” And Reply Back!

The sad truth is some of you will say things like, “I don’t have time for that” or “I’ll get around to it”.   Think about this – you get to spend some time actually looking at things and thinking about the life you would like to live.  I am not only talking about houses, cars, boats, etc.  I am talking about your dreams – people, relationships, financial freedom, and yes – Things you want!    How much easier can this get?   The last part (and the most important part) is for you to reply back to this blog after you do and share this challenge with the friends and family you care about.   Unfortunately, many people won’t do it and even worse – if they create the “dream board” – they will settle for leaving them as dreams.   Why stop short?   Be different – it is ok!  

Make your “Dream Board” and take action!