09 Oct

Hello my friend,

     This is Tom Spudic and you recently filled out my e-mail form to receive my “newsletter”.   I know you don’t know me yet, but hopefully we can change that and I will be able to bring some VERY positive things into your life.  You obviously filled out that form to learn more about Xp3 and FuelDirect.  As I said in my video, Xp3 DOES WORK and you will be entered into my FREE DRAWING for a 16 oz refill bottle of Xp3

If you would like to learn more about Xp3 you can contact me directly, check out my video links below, or download my PDF about Xp3.

Links – 3 important videos

Again, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t spend less than $2.50 to save $5 to $15 per tank PLUS it will keep you engine so it lasts longer.   When I first learned about Xp3, I was skeptical, but then I tried it because I used a little logic.  How could a product stay in business for over 22 years and sell over $8 MILLION dollars PER DAY if it didn’t work?  The answer is simple – THE PRODUCT HAS TO WORK OR WE WOULD NEVER GET REPEAT CUSTOMERS.   You are going to drive anyway – the question is will you drive and save money or will you throw your hard-earned money away?  

You can order directly from me  (and save money by taking advantage of my volume discounts) or directly from the company

I look foward to talking to you soon and don’t hesitate to call and ask questions!